We would like to take the opportunity to welcome you into our judo family and congratulate you on taking your first steps onto the judo mat. On your journey at the club you’ll develop many skills that will shape your life both on and off the mat. Judo is a unique sport and we are sure you will learn, make good friends and have fun along the way.

To help you orientate yourself and make the most of your experience at the club, we have provided a helpful guide including important information about the club such as training times and club contacts. We aim to provide the highest level of sports coaching, care and value each and every member of our club. We always welcome feedback and support from all our members, parents and community. If at any time you wish to provide any feedback, please do not hesitate to contact us or speak to a member of our team.

We are fully committed to safeguarding and promoting the wellbeing of all our members. We adhere to strict policies for Child Protection, Equality and Codes of Conduct which all officials, coaches, members and parents must adhere to. Members are encouraged to be open at all times and to share any concerns or complaints that they may have about any aspect of the club with one of our coaching team or our Chief Welfare Officer Stuart Holden


We know that meeting new people and stepping on the mat for the first time can be a daunting experience. But we have a fantastic team and extremely friendly members at the club so there’s nothing to worry about. You’ll feel at home in no time!

As a registered British Judo Association club (NGB) we are fully insured and have fully qualified and experienced coaches who have full HBS checks and are committed to improving the standards of coaching to support you throughout your development. We frequently involve parents in the Club’s activities and would encourage you to be part of the club and contribute towards it’s success by liaising with the members of our committee. 


You can enjoy four sessions of judo at the club before your require a judo licence. The judo licence is provided by the National Governing Body of judo; The British Judo Association (BJA) and insures you to train, compete and officially grade through the judo syllabus. The licence also gives you membership to British Judo with a huge community and lots of resources to support you on your judo journey.

To apply for BJA licence and membership click here and follow the step by step process. 


Upon your arrival at the club we will provide a free loan judo gi (judo kit) and belt for use during training to enable you to participate fully training. At the end of each session we request that you return the gi and belt.

You are welcome to bring your own judo gi at any time or the club can measure you and you can purchase a custom club judo kit from club shop at discount as a member. 

Alternatively you can purchase one from a local sports store. To help we have provided a support guide of How to choose the right kit for your needs.

A word of warning, sports stores may sell you a Karate gi by mistake. These tend to be thinner than Judo suits, and are easily torn, as they are not designed to withstand the rigours of Judo. Please make sure you check properly before purchasing.


As Judo is a close combat sport; therfore a high level of Hygiene is required. Please ensure your kit is clean and odourless, finger and toe nails are kept short and clean and long hair is tied back with cloth/elastic ties only (free of metal/plastic).  

Whilst there is a small first aid kit at the club and qualified first aiders, all members should ensure they have their own first aid kit containing plasters and tape at minimum. During training hydration is important and non-fizzy drinks such as water is advised. No food or drinks are allowed on the mat at any time and footwear is required off the mat at all times.


We train three times per week at the club with three different classesBeginners (4-6 years old), Juniors (7-14 years old) and Seniors (15+ adults). There are no contract or monthly membership costs. It’s just ‘Pay as you Train’. Kids classes (Beginner and Juniors) are £4 and Seniors (15+ Adults) are just £5. Nice and simple.


  1. Say hello and introduce yourself to one of our coaching team.
  2. Feel welcomed to the club and get to know the team.
  3. We give you a free loan judo kit
  4. You enjoy your first free session at the club
  5. You enjoy another 3 sessions and see how great judo really is and wonder why you hadn’t done it before.
  6. You decide that you would like to carry on and decide to get a licence for insurance and to be able to grade.
  7. You now want a judo kit of our own.
  8. You carry on enjoying judo, learning and developing your skills and do your first grading.

Then the really journey starts and we can’t wait to travel it with you!