One of Leigh Judo Club’s goals has always been to reach outside of of dojo walls and create a positive impact on our community spreading the benefits if the judo sport and martial art.

We continue to work with a wide array of partners delivering a number of successful projects to increase the awareness and opportunities to participate and benefit from judo.

Healthy Stadia

As a Sports clubs we recognise we are in a unique position to influence the health and behaviour of our members and those living in our surrounding community. We believe Sport plays an crucial role within society and can dramatically improve your health, life and wellbeing.

Due to our dedication to improving the levels of public health and wellbeing in our local community, In 2013 we became a registered Healthy Stadia. As a Healthy Stadia, we have become a beacon promoting positive health initiatives including food and nutrition, physical activity, mental health, alcohol, recycling and environment sustainability.

As well as providing a place where local people can go to have a positive healthy experience playing or watching sport, the recognition of Healthy Stadia has lead to the development of our ‘BodyMAP althlete tracking’ program in partnership with Lowton Rehab and various health promoting policies and practices centered around health and wellbeing.


Our Specfit program began in 2013 following our Chairman becoming a recognised as a Health Champion. In partnership with Wigan Borough Sports Council, the program aims to improve the long-term health and social wellbeing of spectators, family members, staff, visitors and the local community, by tapping into the unique opportunity that sports clubs have to extend activity and awareness.

With support the initiative became a platform to develop various successful club projects which supported club memberships and participation levels as well as securing equipment to have a greater impact on our wider communty.

Our SpecFit project enabled the development of our recipe book, created to provide nutritional advice, healthy alternatives and the knowledge to increase nutrition and health knowledge and understanding of our members and wider community. The recipe book was a big success and also increased revenue to reinvest for the benefit of our members.


In 2013 we began delivering outreach judo to a variety of high schools and colleges in the local area as part of a Sportivate project program devised by Greater Sport. The project gives more young people aged 14-25 who are not particularly sporty the chance to discover a sport that they love.

During the sessions every participant taking part can work towards an event or personal challenge and when the sessions have finished, will be supported to continue playing sport. Our Sportivate project continues to be a resounding success both in increasing the judo participation numbers of 14-25 year olds as well as establishing the club as a leader in jdo educational delivery in the local area.

As well as delivering in local high school and collages, we also worked in partnership with Groundwork Princes Trust supporting the development of young people.

Satellite Club

Established in 2014 in partnership with Wigan & Leigh college. Our satellite is designed to bridge the gap between school, college and community sport and provide opportunities for young people to create lifelong sporting habits.

The Satelite provides choice and opportunity for young people in our local area as well as a stepping stone to regular judo participation and at Leigh Judo Club. By helping young people take the step into community sport we can improve the health, wellbeing and lifestyle for young people whilst having some fun in the process.