Shaping our future – 2018 club newsletter

2018 has been another great year that has seen much success with the club continuing to grow year on year. With investment in new equipment and technology including uchi komi bands, crash mats and a new website amongst other things. We have been able to vary training methods for specific drills and techniques and provide support in continuing development. As well as in the club, in 2019 we aim to produce more multi-media content across all platforms providing advice, guidance and support for everyone.

We have successfully run a number of events throughout the year including our annual summer community BBQ, pizza nights, randori rumbles, four club gradings, autumn social, quiz nights, Christmas party and senior nights out, club sports awards as well as traveling to many competitions and events throughout the year. 2018 has seen growth in all facets of the club and a number of progressive improvements and developments along the way. On the 30th January saw mild celebrations and at the club as it was exactly 2012 days since the London 2012 Olympic Games and the inspiration behind the mere idea of a club. We are very proud of what we have built together and accomplished in only six years. 


What is even more satisfying is way in which we have accomplished this and the many things that cannot be quantified nor described. New members, parents and visitors comment on how welcoming and friendly the club is, judo players from other clubs comment on the quality if coaching and the supportive training environment, external consultants and others comment on the innovation and resourcefulness and ALL comment on the same consistent theme. The people are the strength of Leigh Judo Club.


“We would like to thank each and every member and parent that is part of the club. You are what makes the club special.”

Beginners Judo

With the primary focus of movement literacy, fun and value based sports participation. The beginners have continued to develop in all areas as well as cultivating a love for judo. Through judo the beginners are developing the principle foundations of sport participation and performance that will shape them as individuals and help to underpin their success in the future both on and off the mat. In the new year we aim to provide more consistency with rewards and engagement with the beginners including the purple belt, technique stickers and more integration into general club activities. 

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Junior Judo 

Although constancy in training has been challenging with a number of our junior members transitioning into high school. The junior class continues to grow and develop with numbers on the mat almost forcing us to add in extra sessions. A bigger dojo is required sooner rather than later. With fantastic support from club coach Tom Nagle as well as other senior members we’ve been able to differentiate the skills and techniques during the session as maintaining our high standards to ensure each member is learning and developing. In the new year we aim to introduce more advanced techniques for our higher graded members including armlocks and strangles with the possible introduction of an advanced class to the weekly schedule on a more consistent basis as well as the integration of older juniors to the senior session.

The temporary introduction of the invitational advanced class to the weekly schedule saw increased development of competitive judo for the juniors and positive results that followed. During the year our juniors competed at a number of competitions including British Schools Qualifiers, Yorkshire Championships, Kendal Coloured Belt Championships, Craven Open Championships to name but a few. With many great performances of technical judo accompanied by superb attitudes, everyone who competed grew in confidence and self assurance in themselves and their judo. In addition to the many medals and individual success, the camaraderie and support for each other during each competition was magnificent with many of our members and parents celebrating the success of others more than their own victories.The core value of our club is to support the development of an individual both on and off the mat, supporting their development as a person psychologically, physically and socially through judo. We’re very proud of how well each member performed and how they conducted themselves with excellent sportsmanship towards opponents and in support for each other.

As well as traveling to many competitions, 2018 saw the first ever Leigh Judo Championships. A closed event for our club this time around, it provided a nurturing environment for those more reserved to push themselves outside of their comfort zones and grow as a result. Orchestrated by CWO and club coach Stuart Holden, the professionally run event was hugely successful and accomplished everything we hoped it would be. In 2019 we aim to hold two Leigh Judo competition events this time as inter-club events with fully qualified referees. In addition we aim to compete and a number of other competitions throughout the year including the next steps for some in competitive levels with our new competition timetable to be published on our noticeboard and website in the new year.

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Senior Judo

Our seniors have developed tremendously throughout 2018. This is in large part to the supportive training environment that underpins the club with each person on the mat understanding the importance of uke.

The camaraderie and unrivalled support of our seniors is demonstrated time and time again at every event, competition and dan grading. Along with this support there has been many fantastic performances throughout the year with every senior member progressing in grade including the achievement and addition of more dan grades including Vicky Taylor earlier this year.

A special mention is deserved to senior member Tom Nagle who achieved his Dan grade by both amassing 100 points through competing at dan gradings as well as completing his line up in December. In addition to Tom, Rob Jordan also achieved his dan grade with a number of other seniors coming very close including Barry Williams, Jo Nordoff and John Jacques as well as Jess Martin chasing dan grade points and winning a silver medal in Sheffield. 

With a number of courses including Shaping the Future National Conference, Kata courses, Tom completing UKCCL2, Luke completing UKCCL4 and many others. Our club and individual’s professional qualifications, qualities and skills are continuing to develop. In the new year we will continue to support the development all of our members with coaching and refereeing courses already identified. With the number of visitors from other clubs increasing, we aim to further develop our senior randori rumble’s as well as other competitive and social events throughout 2019.

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Lowton Youth and Community Centre future

Many will recollect the fulfilling feeling of coming together in the building of our dojo and cafe when we took responsibility our community centre. Since, we have delivered a wide range of community based services and provided a home for a number of other sports clubs in addition to our judo club. Battling uphill with exponentially growing maintenance issues including rotting infrastructure and irreparable asbestos roof, the challenge has been tough but one we have tackled head on together. With spiralling costs associated with its maintenance, we have required a long term solution for a substantial amount of time. After lots of hard work behind the scenes, in 2017 we applied to Sport England and others for community capital investment for the ‘Re-roofing and development of Lowton Youth and Community Centre’. 

After a long seven month wait, we were notified that we had been ‘successful’ in our application and capital ‘support’ for our project. Although what appeared to be the light at the end of a dark tunnel, has turned out to be the entrance to another dark, long tunnel. Despite our disappointments and frustrations, we remain determined to succeed with the support of our community and local MP Jo Platt.

“We can accomplish anything together.”

With the help of our dedicated project team with special thanks to Rob Jordan, we have continued to develop and progress the details of our plans. We do not intent on resting on our laurels and waiting around, if anyone would like to play a part and support the project from gathering quotes, brainstorming ideas, or anyone with experience in the construction industry or manual trades that would like to donate time during the planning or build phases, your support and advice would valued and appreciated. 

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