Leigh Judo Club Sports Awards 2018

The Leigh Judo Club Sports Awards are the most prestigious event in our calendar and celebrate the achievements of our talented members throughout the year. This year the awards took place on the Sunday 9th December following our Junior Christmas party and Senior club meal the night before.
The club has grown considerably throughout 2018 with success on and off the mat in all areas. There has also been some fantastic performances by all beginners, juniors and seniors during training, gradings and in competition. Thank you and congratulations to everyone for your hard work, discipline, dedication and support, you are a testament to the club.


Junior Player of the Year – Annaya Harris

Senior Player of the Year – Tom Nagle

Most Improved Player of the Year – Louie Anderson

Special Contribution Award – John Jacques

Spirit Of Judo Award – Stephanie Garner

Junior player of the year –
Annaya Harris

Always giving her best and working hard, Annaya is a courageous and fierce competitor with a will to win. Through consistent effort and a positive attitude, Anaya has made significant strides forward in development over the last year resulting in a number of successful performances and competitive results. Although tough, Annaya is always respectful and courteous demonstrating excellent sportsmanship at every opportunity. Aways willing to help other younger members on the mat, Annaya’s courage and competitive attitude accompanied by excellent sportsmanship values is always a shining example for the other juniors.

Senior Player of the year –
Tom Nagle

Openness and dedication are attributes that Tom exemplifies. Those who have the pleasure to train with Tom know of his selfless ego during training as well as his technical understanding. Tom’s stand up judo and technique has developed remarkably over the last 12 months with his consistency and discipline in training paying dividends. After achieving his UKCC Level 2 coaching award earlier this year, throughout the year Tom has traveled in the quest for points towards his Dan grade. Competing in various dan grading events, Tom’s performances have been excellent beating national level judo players. Only requiring 10 points, in December Tom traveled to Warrington achieving the necessary points and then continuing to earn and complete his line up also.

Most Improved Player of the year –
Louie Anderson

Louie always has a positive attitude when training and thrives on a challenge. A natural athlete, Louie is strong competitor who is always committed to a throw. With an excellent work ethic during training, Louie’s technique and performances have developed considerably of the last 24 months. Through consistent effort and a positive attitude, Louie has made significant strides forward with some excellent performances against tough opponents throughout the year. In all situations Louie always shows courage and conducts himself with honour and humility and is a great example of the other members of the club.

Spirit of Judo Award –
Stephanie Garner

A motivated competitor on the judo mat, full of courage and grit. Steph’s toughness is matched only by her kindness and thoughtfulness of others. Always saying hello and greeting people with a smile, Steph often takes it upon herself to approach new members on the mat to make sure they feel welcomed and that let them know they now have a new friend. Steph’s technique has developed throughout the year with good performances and results including the qualification for the British National Schools winning her age and weight category as well as those above. Throughout training and competition, Steph’s steely determination and kindness always shines though. Always a pleasure to have on the mat, Steph is a credit to herself, her family and a great representative of the club.

Special Contribution Award –
John Jacques

When he’s not holding his camera, John is a quick footed, dynamic senior member. Throughout the last 24 months John has produced some great competitive results and performances including becoming the PCUK National Champion and more recently earning his line up at an area grading at his first attempt.

Off the mat, John can often be seen (or cannot be seen) blending into the background, ninja walking around the dojo with his camera. A part-time photographer, John is the main reason for the professional standard of our club images and videos that so many people comment on. Donating his limited time without being asked, John adds considerable value to the club and helps to document memories and showcase what goes on. Always willing to share his experience and knowledge, John is always helping to teach others his methods to help further support the development of the club.

Congratulations to all of those who won at this years awards. It’s been a fantastic 2018 for the club with success on and off the mat for everyone and we’re proud of each and every one of you.


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