LJC Spring 2018 Newsletter

It’s been a wonderful spring at Leigh Judo Club, both on and off the mat with lots going on at the club with all sessions continuing to thrive and grow. With our new Uchi Komi bands and crash mats we’ve been able to vary some of the training methods for specific drills and techniques.

Our new website curtesy of DevelopingTheWeb continues to function well despite some issues with Facebook and Instagram integration. Thanks to Mr Zuckerberg for that one. Our in-house media and recording studio is also now ready complete with acoustic foam and specific lighting. 

With our resident expert, John Jacques CLJPhotography, we have been able to produce some professional videos for our youtube channel including some of our masterclass and events (Check them out here). As well as videos of senior members Vicky Taylor and Jason Cossey’s progress and development in achieving their Black Belt at the club from walking on the mat and trying judo for the very first time. 

With thanks to John and to Lindsay Colbeck (LC Communications), we have started interviewing some of our members and parents for feedback on their experience at the club. In the very near future we hope to provide full access to masterclasses, technique analysis and others to provide an online repository of technical information, development and support as well use for preparation for gradings. 

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Shaping the future

As many of you may know, over the last few months senior member Tom Nagle has been delivering a number of engaging sessions for the juniors and seniors as part of his study and progression from UKCC Level 1 to UKCC Level 2. With support from Luke and everyone at the club, Tom successfully passed his Level 2 examination with exemplary standards across all areas. With Tom’s relaxed, athlete-centred, technical approach as well as his dedication, hard work and consistency. We are very proud to have him as part of our coaching team along side Luke and Stuart. 

On the 25th June Luke and Tom were invited to the “Shaping the Future” National Conference for Coaches featuring world-renowned EJU expert Hiroshi Katanishi (8th Dan). Mr Katanishi has a vast experience in developing both players and coaches since arriving in Europe after graduating from Terni University (Japan). During his time in Europe, he has coached the French National Judo Team, been Technical Advisor for the Swiss National Team and regularly coaches at the renowned Italian Camp ‘Tre Torre’. Since 2003 he has also been recognised as the judo expert for the European Judo Union and delivers workshops on improving technical excellence. 

Tom and Luke throughly enjoyed the course and opportunity to learn from Mr Katanishi as well as Jane Bridge (3 times European Championship gold medalist, first Women’s World Champion). Over 90 coaches and judoka took to the mat with both our coaches one of a very few singled out and requested to demonstrate for their technical skill and adaptions for everyone. A video will follow on our Youtube channel soon.

Thank you to Stuart and Vicky for ensuring it was business as usual at home taking the junior and senior sunday sessions to much enjoyment for everyone. The fact that two coaches were on a development course, 7 juniors were competing on the same day and club sessions continued as normal, with high quality all round is a testament to everyone and a huge sign of how far the club has come in such a short space of time.

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Senior Judo and Dan Gradings

As well as working towards his UKCC L2 coaching, Tom has been training hard working towards his Black Belt Dan grade along with a number of other senior members at the club. On Sunday 10th June, senior member Joe Nordoff travelled to Worchester to fight in the competitive Dan Grading. Joe won his first two fights by Ippon, earning 20 points and eligibility for his line up. Unfortunatly Joe was caught towards the end of his first fight so had to settle with his 20 points taking his total tally to 40 points. With a number of Dan gradings on the horizon, there’s plenty of opportunity for all of our 1st Kyu’s to progress. Who will be our next Dan Grade?

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Junior Judo and competitions

As well as our seniors, many of our juniors were also in the competitive spirit. On 29th April junior member McKenzie Rihia travelled to Birmingham to compete, bringing home the GOLD medal after a comfortable day. On the 24th June, seven of our junior members travelled to compete regionally in the Cheshire and Manchester Invitational Competition. With some very good performances against much older opponents (5 years older), a number of our members won both their own category and the category above with both Emma and Steph in one of the finals for gold.

A special mention goes to Leo Sheldon competing in his first ever judo competition against much older opponents coming away with a silver medal after narrowly missing out in the final. Well done to all those who competed and thank you to senior member Jason Cossey for helping encourage and support our members who were competing while Luke and Tom were on the course and Stu and Vicky coached the session on the mat. 

Results: Emma Cossey 2xGOLD, Annaya Harris 2xGOLD, Leo Sheldon SILVER, Alex Cossey SILVER, Steph Garner SILVER, Rachel Brown SILVER, Grace Scott-Jervis BRONZE. 

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Leigh Judo Club Grading and Community BBQ 

On Sunday 17th June we held the Leigh Judo Club Spring Grading followed by our Annual Community BBQ in partnership with Kokoro Jujitsu. Once again, our members demonstrated excellent technical ability progress since our last grading. In particular we would like to highlight Alex Cossey, Emma Cossey and Grace Scott-Jervis achieving their green belt, Stephanie Garner achieving her orange belt and Annaya and McKenzie achieving their yellow belts. The seniors were equally impressive in their technique and skill with Neil Brown achieving his Orange belt and John Jacques and Barry Williams achieving their 1st Kyu commencing their Dan Grade journey.

Following on from our grading, the bouncy castle was inflated and BBQ’s set up ready to go. With Over 100 hungry people, the delights of sweet chilli chicken, Lamb kebabs, BBQ chicken legs, burgers, sausages and a wonderful variety of chocolate brownies courtesy of ‘Slab and Slice’. With many of our members enjoying the bouncy castle as well as fun and games on the mat. It was a great day had by all. Thank you to all those who came in helping to support the club and congratulations on progressing in grade. A special thank you once again to Emma and Jason Cossey for helping to record all of the paperwork and grading process’ as well as Stuart, Vicky and all those seniors who helped support Luke on the mat and Ian Wilson for his dedicated work in the kitchen.

As a result of Ian and Vicky’s work in the kitchen as well as others including Kris Neale’s hard work in getting the outside environment, and Jason’s loan of his BBQ, it was a fantastic day. With the success of our community club BBQ, we have been able to upgrade our lighting system within the dojo to LED strip lighting reducing our bills and improving the brightness with the building. A big thank you to senior member Paul Molenueux for sourcing and fitting the new lighting, its made a huge difference!

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Upcoming events

There are many upcoming competitions and events for both juniors and seniors as well as a possible summer club trip and senior social. Make sure you have liked our Facebook page, follow us on twitter/Instagram as well as checking our website for up to date information. We now also have our upcoming events on the home page of our website. 


We would like to thank everyone for your continued support as the club continues to grow and flourish. To our club coaches and all those who help support the club in all it’s endeavours. We will have some big news in the coming months. Stay tuned.

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